Oral Cancer in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, oral cancer treatment options are available at the dentistry office of Milita G. Borguet D.M.D. Our highly skilled team and well-equipped facilities can offer you the best experience with gentle care and medical precision to help you fight the disease.

This disease can develop in any area of your mouth and throat. While it is common for most symptoms to occur in the tongue first, there are several other symptoms that can reveal a problem. If you have a sore that has problem healing, you have trouble swallowing, or a lump develops, these are all signs of possible cancerous growth. Anyone can contract oral cancer and the risk is significantly higher as you age. It is also common in people who have been life long smokers or excessive drinkers.

Our offices have been practicing dentistry and treatments for this disease for 20 years. We are equipped to handle a variety of options, including surgery, to remove the growth and radiation therapy or chemotherapy to break the cancerous tissue down. We can also discuss how effective these treatments can be when combined.

For a Philadelphia oral cancer surgeon, Milita G. Borguet D.M.D. is your solution to restore the health of your mouth and your body. Call today for a free consultation. Our friendly and helpful office staff is ready to help you.

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